Kayaking Evans River, Australia

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(This post about kayaking along Evans River in Australia was originally published in 2008. It has been updated for accuracy of links)

“Be careful of the crocs,” Sergio says as we steer our kayaks up a small creek deep in the mangroves.

“Really? There are crocs here? Cool!” I say, feeling only a little nervous with scenes from Crocodile Dundee flashing through my memory. I didn’t really think that there would be crocodiles in this part of Australia, but who am I to say. Sergio is the expert.

We are kayaking on Evans river in Bundjalung National Park; part of the intricately woven Northern River system in New South Whales. The water is murky brown, but not because it’s dirty; instead it’s full of tannins from nearby tea trees and minerals from the mangrove mud. It’s actually quite therapeutic to swim in, save for the crocodiles.

But it’s winter here, and we’re a bit bundled up. Oh yeah – and there are crocs in the water, so we are not going to be swimming any time soon. Instead, we enjoy the scenery and learn a huge amount of information from our leader Sergio, who runs Evans River Kayak Adventures.

Evans River Kayak Adventures has been around for about four years – the only tour of its kind on this expansive river system. This keeps Sergio hopping, even in the winter when business is a little bit slower.

“Every day is totally different,” Sergio replies when we ask him what it is like to live out a dream of many and guide people through this little piece of paradise. He is originally from Argentina, and his Australian accent with a hint of Espanol mixed in is enthralling. I could listen to him for hours. “I have to time the tours and routes very carefully to the tides. In a few hours this section of river we are paddling through will be completely dry. So depending on the currents and tides and the group of people involved, I can plan very different trips,” he croons with his alluring South American flare.

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Sharing is Caring!

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