Halloween in Honolulu

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After 18 hours of travel (including layovers, shuttles, and Sonia’s poor car almost not starting at 6am!), we arrived in Honolulu tired but excited. We enjoyed some of the sights of Waikiki beach at sunset and a lovely dinner, before hitting the sack for a well-deserved night of sleep.
Halloween day was a whirlwind adventure of soaking in our new surroundings, and getting used to the Island Life! Here are a few things we have already discovered about Hawaii (or Honolulu in particular):

Standing on the beach in Honolulu

This post was originally published in 2007. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.

I don’t know what they are exactly, but they are the cutest little green birds I have ever laid eyes on. Especially at dawn and dusk, the trees become a virtual orchestra of chirps and whistles. And because they camouflage so nicely into the luscious green foliage, it is like the trees themselves are singing.

As I was warned (if you can call it a warning), the greenery is everywhere! Beautiful palms, full leaved trees, and gorgeous flowers. Kelly says he is absolutely blown away by the varying shades of green and blue everywhere.

boogie boarding in Honolulu

Numerous times in a day, while the sun shines away, showers roll through. Sometimes they are torrential, and sometimes just a sprinkling. Either way they seem to disappear as quickly as they arrive, and are taken in stride by everybody enjoying the outdoors. At the worst, you duck into a doorway for a few minutes to wait out the heavy stuff and go about your day.

I guess the reason the showers can come and go so quickly is because the wind is pretty much constant. I guess that is partly because we’ve not been further than a few blocks from the ocean, but even at that it seems to be more apparent than I have ever noticed while near the beach. It has been a godsend for Kelly, who is getting used to tropical weather and acclimatizing! (Let’s bear in mind that prior to this trip, the farthest south Kelly had ever been was Toronto!!!)

Of course this isn’t a fond observation of Honolulu, but an observation nonetheless. As early as 10am, we walked by whinos who were drop-dead-drunk on the main drag at Waikiki. We supposed that Hawaii is a great place for bums to be, since a night spent on the beach is better than a night in a shelter or freezing to death in other cities.

This is a trend common throughout the US, but a treat for us nevertheless. No more LCBOs for us!

As an upshot of the point above, we discovered one of our favourite kinds of Shiraz for a paltry $6.99. And with the Canadian dollar currently better than the US dollar, it makes this an even better deal. Yippee!

With only a day under our belts, our observations are limited to that so far. We are both still trying to believe that we really are here! Kelly especially is way out of his element, but he’s a trooper at that, and (of course) loving every minute of it!

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Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “Halloween in Honolulu”

  1. Wow thanks Nora for sharing your Honolulu adventure. It’s chilly back here in Toronto but your photos brought some welcome warmth to my day!

    Enjoy some seafood for me!


  2. Aloa Amigos!!

    Da island life has begun!! I’m so excited for you guys! I’ll think of you both as I freeze my Arse off on the next belay stance. I’ll write back more later.


    P.S. Nice pose Nora! :p)


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