Cyclone Nargis Relief Update

This post about our Cyclone Nargis relief efforts was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 
Click here for the full collection of articles and updates; a story grows to epic proportions.

It has been a busy day, and tomorrow promises to be even busier with meetings with the Royal Thai Air Force and Chiang Mai Rotary club. The latest news is that Thailand is officially sending in internationally sourced Cyclone Nargis relief aid where it is not necessarily getting into Burma through other channels. It appears we are on the leading edge of that trend, and are proud to be able to do anything we can!

At 8am London time, we did a radio interview for the BBC’s live show Five Live on the work we are doing here in Thailand. Despite challenges with the Burmese military seizing goods, we stressed that it is not a reason to simply throw your hands up and do nothing. We have to trust that even the Burmese military has the compassion and human decency to do what is right for their fellow countrymen who are suffering.

As two Canadians trying to make a difference by wanting to drive a truck full of supplies to the border, our project has blossomed into something so much bigger. We are gaining international publicity, both through the media, and through the networking we are doing with fellow travelers who are taking our message to their families and friends in their countries.

We are also now accepting donations, as evidenced on the front page of this blog (no longer available). Every single bit counts, so please don’t hesitate to contribute – even if it is a few dollars. Just $5 will buy 20 bottles of water for those who are thirsty. Every little bit counts.

Tomorrow, we meet with the Royal Thai Air Force and Chiang Mai Rotary club. We expect to report big stuff very shortly!

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