Random Observations about. Grenada Island

Here are some random observations about Grenada island, and daily life

Capital city = Town The capital of the country is St George’s, which is referred to as “town”.

Addresses don't really exist! 

Loudspeakers are the way to spread the word

It's best to have a car

Night life exists, but isn't prolific.

Drive slow! The potholes will eat your car.

Grenada is friendly and safe

Ladies: be prepared for cat calls! They're harmless.

Most of the action is on the South half of the island.

It’s a university town St George’s University makes up for almost 10% of the population of Grenada

Rum shops line the roadsides just about everywhere!

Once you learn to enjoy the simplicity of Grenadian life, there’s very little to miss.

Learn where to stay and things to do in Grenada!