Here are the Best Travel Accessories

Pro Packing Hacks:

Best Suitcase Organizers for Saving Space With the help of these suitcase organizers, you’ll be traveling in style.

SegSac Traveler (aka The Hoboroll) PROS: Awesome for organizing and compressing; ultralight material  CONS: Honestly? None!

Packing cubes are great for organizing stuff, but they’re not always the best at saving space.


Compressible Shoe Bags

Easy to pack shoes without messing up the rest of your luggage Compression straps help maximize space

SPACESAVER BAGS The travel version of vacuum bags; roll the bag to squeeze air out.  PROS: Saves a lot of space! CONS: Clothes will wrinkle

The ROLO (Roll-up Garment Bag) I pack my clothes into it, roll it up, compress it, and go.  When I arrive at my destination, unpacking is as simple as unrolling and hanging it up.

Best Travel Packing Bags for Clothes

Sometimes having your clothes well organized is more important than saving space.

For perfectly folding shirts etc so they arrive wrinkle free.  PROS - No Wrinkles CONS - Time consuming and finicky

Packing Sleeves / Garment Folder

Packable Shelves It’s like a mini hanging dresser; put your clothes on the shelves, plunk everything directly into your luggage. Hangs up on arrival.

Origami Unicorn Tuo (for Small Items)

For things like underwear and socks. I actually use it for toiletries and other bathroom items.

Packing Accessories for Toiletries and Other Miscellaneous Items

– Extra handy if it has a hook for hanging – Should be water-resistant material – Multiple compartments for organization

Toiletry Case

PILL ORGANIZER  (For More Than Pills) You can also store: – Earrings – Necklaces – Rings – Over-the-counter meds (painkillers, allergy meds, etc) – Ear Plugs

Contact Lens Case (for Creams or Condiments)

Don't want to bring a whole jar of something? Use these!

Here are a few models with features to hold things like charging cables, dongles, USB sticks, hard drives, SIM cards, and more.

Electronic Bag / Cord Organizer / Travel Charger Organizer

Small Travel Tubs

PROS: Perfect for keeping a small amount of [whatever] handy. CONS: Easy to go overboard and have a tub for every little thing.

REUSABLE CABLE TIES So handy for organizing cables and cords, and for keeping excess cord out of the way while in use.

Cheap/Free Travel Packing Hacks and Traveling Accessories

Ziploc bags Shower Caps for Shoes Dryer Sheets Foolproof Liquid Spill Prevention Trick

Final Advice:  DEVELOP A SYSTEM! When everything has a place, nothing gets lost.