Best Luggage for Long-Term Travel:

Backpacks vs Rolling Luggage

Here’s  the criteria for when you should choose backpacks, rolling luggage, or a hybrid of both as the best luggage for long-term travel.

– You travel in places with rough terrain where wheeled luggage is useless – You’re young and eager and haven’t discovered back pain yet – You like hiking/camping 

When a Backpack is the Best 

When a Wheeled Backpack is the Best  - You want easy access to the contents of your luggage – You travel with checked luggage (as opposed to carry-on) – You mainly like to wheel your luggage around

When Rolling Luggage is the Best – You “rough it” less – You fly a lot – You travel with carry-on luggage only

Here's Why wheeled carry-on is my luggage of choice!

– You fly a lot – You have back problems – You want easy access and organization of your luggage contents

Rolling luggage isn’t always perfect for long-term travel, but here's when it makes sense:

My Checked Luggage of Choice:  Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 26"

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