How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World

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Volunteering at a retreat centre in New Zealand? Check!


Have you ever wondered how I managed to travel full-time and stay in so many cool places?

Hint: I’m not rich. (Far from it). 

Everywhere you go, there are free accommodation opportunities. How would you like to sample local life by staying for free in the following places:

  • A bluestone cottage on 300 hectares of property in the Australian countryside
  • An abandoned village in Spain
  • A trendy house in the Beaches area of Toronto
  • A ferro cement yurt on a Hawaii cliffside (it was basic, but eclectic)
  • A villa resort property on the Caribbean island of Grenada
  • A 49 foot sailing boat in the Caribbean
  • A Swiss alpine cottage and 4-storey home in Zurich
  • A palatial house in Panama

This doesn’t count the individuals and families I’ve stayed with – for free – in Canada, USA, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, France, and many, many more countries.


In addition to saving money, these are much more culturally enriching experiences than paying to stay in an impersonal hotel or hostel, and struggling to get a true feel for the local culture.


In my first six years of my full-time travel, I saved over $63,000 in accommodation expenses – and I can teach you how to do the same.

With these savings, you can turn your travel dreams into a financially sustainable full-time lifestyle (as I did), or you can simply enjoy a great vacation, and spend the money you save on more exciting things than accommodation.


Want to Know How to Do It?

Fancy staying in a decked-out Swiss alpine cottage for the summer? Been there, done that!


You’ve come to the right place.

How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World, 2nd Edition is packed with resources, tips, anecdotal experiences, and advice based on years of experience.


These five modalities of free accommodation are each covered in detail:



Couch Surfing

Living on Boats

Home Exchanges


Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Multiple resources to find gigs in each of the five modalities

  • How to stand out and land gigs

  • What to expect in terms of workloads and responsibilities

  • How to stay safe

  • Ensuring both parties have a good experience

  • Tips for managing an online business concurrently

Digs & meals in a historical village in Spain for chatting in English? Done!


This e-book is a practical resource to get you on the road and enjoying free accommodation, right away – whether it’s for a week, a month, or a year – with the help of my full-time travel experience specializing in free accommodation, since 2007.




How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World, 2nd Edition

is a 44-page e-book and costs

$19.99 USD $14.99 USD!

Even if you stay in hostel dormitories, that’s rarely enough to cover one night of accommodation. So in buying this book, you will get your money’s value right away – on your next trip – on your first night of free accommodation.

Seriously, folks. This is an investment that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and will deepen and enrich your travel experience beyond anything that money can provide.


It’s a PDF file that is nice and small and easy to download over any speed/quality of internet connection. 

And, it’s formatted to be easy to read on computers, tablets, e-readers, etc. 


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What Others Are Saying About This Book 

“Nora is the uncontested Know-It-All when it comes to enjoying meaningful travel in a financially sustainable way. It should be no surprise then that this eBook is jam packed with solid tips that will help anyone find accommodations around the world for free. This is a very worthy read.”

Dalene Heck


There’s no way around it, when someone can tell you they spent $173 on accommodation for an entire year (yes, really!) I want to know what that person knows. Full of tips, tons of resources and enticing pictures, Nora’s book can help anyone attain greater freedom to travel with the money they save. She lays out the pros and cons of different housing options around the world, helping the reader to narrow down where to focus their energies for their own specific travel goals, whether that’s to try and fully embrace the local culture or manage an online business. This is a must have reference for any traveler.

Tiffany Soukup


“If you are traveling now or plan to, read this book. It will save you money. Don’t read it if you’ve got gobs of money you want to spend needlessly on lodging.”

Josie Schneider


I bought this book after spending 42 months traveling to 101 countries spending my time split between couch surfing and hostels. I read it to get a broad understanding of volunteering and house sitting for accommodations as I am planning on continuing my travels adding those methods as well. I must say that Nora does a great job of explaining the options. Her research is very thorough. I have referred to it several times. It is clear, concise and to the point on the mechanics of how to travel with no cost accommodations. But much more than that the author’s successful lifestyle redesign helps educate travelers and would-be travelers of the shift in thinking about what travel really means and can be. The fact that slow, inexpensive or almost free travel really allows you to be a traveler and not a tourist and really connect with the people and the culture leaving you with experiences that are beyond what any tourist package tour could ever deliver and with way more money left in your wallet. I highly recommend this e-book for any traveler, experienced or just starting out.

Jefre C. Outlaw


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