With my love of world cuisine and cooking in general, I decided I’d like to share some of the pearls of culinary wisdom I learned along the way with you in this Recipes series.

Then, a well-meaning (but way too abrasive) friend named Steve pointed out to me that I’m a full-time traveler and not a chef, and that this is a travel blog and not a food blog. With my hopes dashed, I abandoned this Recipes From the Road series before it ever really began.

But ironically, my recipe for pumpkin pie below is one of the most popular posts on my site; discovered every day by expats in Australia who want to recapture a taste of home by making this delightful dessert (Aussies don’t understand that pumpkin can be dessert…and who can blame them? It’s pumpkin). So…take that, Steve. This short-lived Recipes series remains alive and well.

Recipes From The Road: Chili

Kelly has a thing about chili: He figures he makes the best chili, and that’s that. I guess we are all fond of our own chili the most. (It is kind of like being fond of your own farts the most…also a topic closely linked to chili. Hopefully unlike your … Read More

Recipes From The Road: 5 Layer Mexican Dip

This instalment of Recipes From the Road was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. Please enjoy my creative take on layered Mexican Dip. Yay for having a full kitchen again! After almost two years of traveling the world and sharing a … Read More

Cooking In Thailand Paradise

We sit in the stifling heat, beating off the flies and bees. Cicadas and crickets chirp in the hills all around, and a chorus of laughing children drifts up to us from the valley below. Fields of rice and citrus form the vast expanse in front of us, and the … Read More