Want to Make Money Blogging? This is For You!

by Nora on February 1, 2016

Want to make money blogging?

Join the club. A new travel blog is born about every 38 seconds, and a good percentage of the people behind those blogs think they’re destined for fame and fortune. Some might even presume that it’s easy money.

It’s not.

But the good news is, now there’s a tool – Superstar Blogging – to help you make money blogging, and it will gently take you from point A to making money – much faster than it took me to do with my own blog.

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years, and I wish this was available to me when I got started. I spent thousands of dollars in a haphazard way to design and redesign (and redesign again) my site and to learn the ropes of promotion and monetization – but I never got real advice as to what works and what doesn’t. I constantly felt like I was shooting in the dark.

So I did a lot of things wrong, and I learned everything the hard way.

But The Business of Travel Blogging course will give you everything you need to create a profitable blog – whether it’s in the travel niche or another niche entirely.

Make Money Blogging


Superstar Blogging

Superstar Blogging is Nomadic Matt’s newest creation; a multi-faceted school with a number of courses on offer to help you start – and make money with – a travel blog. He parlays his 10+ years of blogging experience (and an annual 6-figure success at it I might add) as well as advice from and interviews with a number of industry professionals to create some slick material.

The Business of Travel Blogging

The Business of Travel Blogging is the first course released in the Superstar Blogging school. Matt offered for me to have a peek at the course, and I gobbled it up. I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and I learned a ton from it. Imagine how much you could learn from this if you were just getting started.

Perks of the Course

There are all kinds of perks in getting membership to The Business of Travel Blogging course. For example, you’ll get access to premium WordPress themes (for free!), monthly webinars, access to a private Facebook group, and even tech support(!), as well as discounts and referrals and various other membership benefits.

The course itself is designed to take three months to go through. I believe you can take it at your pace, but that gives you an idea of just how much content there is in there. In all, there are 28 lessons covering topics from basic to advanced.

I really appreciated some of the homework assignments in the lessons. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable to the learning process and to translate book knowledge into your own blogging aspirations. What really impressed me was that Matt invites you to send some of the homework assignments to him for feedback. Don’t worry, it’s not about getting grades or passing/failing – it’s about getting personal feedback from an expert. Again – I wish I had this kind of support available when I didn’t even know what I didn’t know, and had nobody to ask.


Units and Lessons

There are nine units in the course, each with an assortment of lessons to help you on your way. Here’s a brief summary of each of the nine units:

The Basics – Get Started Right

In this current blogging climate, you need to have a solid niche, a brand to build, and a distinctive voice in order to differentiate yourself and get noticed. This unit gives you lots of food for thought so you can get started on the right foot.

Setting Up Your Website

Not only do you learn – in detail, with video tutorials and prose – how to set up an effective website, but as part of your membership, you have access to some premium website themes that help the cost of the course pay for itself.

How to Write Well and Go Viral

You might be a superb writer, but if you don’t know the tricks of writing for web audiences – and then promoting to them – you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

How to Design a Beautiful Website

The lesson within this unit called What Makes a Beautiful Website inspired me to redesign my own! I loved the (hour-long) video that walks through various websites and shows what works and what doesn’t. I have a whole new understanding of web layout and what’s important (and sadly, what I’m doing badly with my own website).

How to Get Traffic and Grow Your Website

This unit has great tips on which social media channels to use, how to use them, and how to grow your followings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This unit starts with very basic information and goes on to advanced SEO techniques. It has inspired me to breathe new life into my Google Webmaster Tools account and to take my game to another level.

How to Make Money with Your Website

This unit is quite extensive, with lessons on various ways of making money with your site, along with advice on what to do and what not to do (since not every money-making tactic is sustainable or will endear you to your readers).

The section on creating products is very inclusive, and illustrates what makes good products, how to sell them, platforms to sell them on, and how to market your products effectively. And Matt is humble in his advice too: in one of the lessons, he illustrates in detail why his first book wasn’t as successful as he wished, and what he did differently with the 2nd edition which landed him on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Newsletters: How to Create and Market With Them

Here you’ll learn why you want to create a newsletter, what to put in it, how to get people to sign up, services you can use to create and send newsletters, and some advanced tips on targeting and list management.

How to Work with PR, Tourism Boards, and Brands

Everybody wants a free trip, but not every free trip is created equal, nor does everybody know who to approach (or how to approach them) to get the best results. This unit has practical examples of good pitches, ethical considerations, and how to choose the right brands to work with.


At the end of most lessons, you’ll find links to extra reading and useful articles from across the web for you to further your studies.

In addition to this very involved course, there are tons of Expert Interviews (which includes audio interviews and written transcripts) with renowned bloggers discussing various topics such as SEO tips, the power of storytelling, how to grow your website and get traffic, create communities, provide great customer service, develop advanced affiliate marketing techniques, and much more.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you have access to a bank of webinars (available for download in audio/video/transcript formats) on topics such as strategy planning, attracting readers to your blog, SEO, importance of design, and more.


The Bottom Line

I’ve said it earlier, but it bears repeating: I wish I had access to The Business of Travel Blogging when I got started with blogging. It would have saved me thousands of dollars – and the equivalent number of hours – learning all this stuff the hard way.

But you’ve got to be serious about a career in blogging if you do this course, because it’s not particularly cheap, at $347. Is it worth every penny? Absolutely. But like any new career or project in life, you have to want to make it happen. This course will help you up the learning curve with grace and style.

And you can take comfort in the 14-day money back guarantee, just in case you’re worried about getting duped.

So…are you really interested to make money blogging? Well then….what are you waiting for?


For other awesome courses offered by Nomadic Matt that include teacher feedback, comprehensive lessons, expert advice, and money-making opportunities, check out:


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1 Ich bin FenriS March 11, 2016 at 2:47 am

Nice guide, thank you for sharing


2 Brenda Smith April 11, 2016 at 6:08 am

Indeed a great post about making money online.

Nowadays people are getting very much creative and wants to make some extra money from home.

The topic ” Make money from home ” is very much interesting and people get very much excited when they get to know about it. But people should understand, this isn’t that much easy as they are thinking.

According to me, Making money through Blogging and affiliate marketing is the best ways among all others explained here.

But to earn through blogging and affiliate marketing, You must need to work hard with lots of dedication.

You must have to follow these important steps.

1. You have to choose a profitable niche from which you can earn by promoting affiliate products.
2. Build a blog on that niche and provide helpful content to others.
3. Promote your content among potential readers
4. Drive traffic to your site and make money through it.

These are the basic steps you need to take to earn through blogging.

BTW Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us. 😀


3 Nora April 11, 2016 at 6:12 am

Thank you, Brenda, for your keen and accurate observations. This – and much more – is covered in Matt’s course, and as far as I’m concerned are fundamental realities of making money in the blogging industry.


4 Sakshi May 14, 2016 at 11:11 am

I’ve earned a few dollars from my blog, but would love to grow it in the coming years. For now, though, it’s more of a hobby and an accountability tool, as we work to pay off our debt.

Thanks..!! 🙂


5 Nora May 14, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Good stuff, Sakshi!


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