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6 Travel Hacks You Haven’t Thought Of

03 | 28 Financial Travel Tips

Here are some travel hacks that, despite 10 years’ travel experience, have largely escaped me – until now.

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How I Gave US Airways $1700 for Nothing, Not Even Flights

11 | 06 Life as a full-time traveler

Traveling with frequent flyer miles isn’t always easy. Here’s a sordid story of dealing with US Airways, with some rules for navigating frequent flyer miles.

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The Professional Hobo’s Bucket List – Past, Present, and Ongoing

05 | 13 Featured

The time has come: I’ve drawn up a bucket list – but with a twist; I celebrate past victories, new dreams, and ongoing ambitions.

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How I Became The Professional Hobo (Part I: The Dream, The Decision)

02 | 06 travel planning

Here I bare all: what prompted me to make the life-changing decision to sell everything to travel full-time. Enjoy Part I: about how it all started.

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Ultimate Train Challenge: Planning the European Leg

08 | 11 Train Travel

I’m planning how I’ll travel from Lisbon to Moscow by train, with the help of Eurail. But I’m also departing from my usual ways….read on for more!

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Ultimate Train Challenge: Planning for the Trans-Siberian Railway

08 | 07 Train Travel

Amidst the huge effort of planning for the Ultimate Train Challenge lies a section of our trip that includes the world’s longest railway: the Trans-Siberian. Here’s how we’re planning it!

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The Paralysis of Choice

05 | 05 Life as a full-time traveler

The recent exercise of booking my flights back to Canada from New Zealand was a harrowing one. It took forever to actually decide on a plan of action and execute it. And for a full-time traveler of four years, it shouldn’t have been that difficult. Then again, maybe my very freedom inspired this paralysis; the […]

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16 Useful Travel Applications and Websites

10 | 28 travel planning

In the last seven months, I’ve visited nine countries, flown on 12 airplanes, embarked on 8 long-distance buses and 12 long-distance trains, volunteered, house-sat, and stayed in more than 13 different people’s homes. Whew! For the most part, I use (or have used) and endorse all the travel applications and websites listed here. They are […]

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