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Financial Case Study: Alesha and Jarryd (NOMADasaurus), Bloggers

06 | 12 Financial Case Studies

Alesha & Jarryd of NOMADasaurus have been on the road for the last 10 years. Their blogging business more than supports their global lifestyle in all kinds of great locations. Check it out!

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Financial Case Study: Dariece and Nick (Goats on the Road), Bloggers

12 | 12 Financial Case Studies

Dariece and Nick have traveled full-time since 2012, and have seen some amazing places, paying for it all with their blog Goats on the Road. Here’s how:

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Financial Case Study: Samantha and Yeison, Travel Bloggers

12 | 05 Financial Case Studies

Samantha and Yeison are based in Costa Rica and travel the world with their lucrative blog My Tan Feet. Find out more about their lifestyle and biz here!

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How to Start a Travel Blog (aka Learn From My Mistakes)

10 | 10 Life as a full-time traveler

Here’s everything you need to know – step by step – to start a travel blog, and simultaneously to learn from my mistakes so you can do it the right way!

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Financial Travel Tip #122: 17 Simple Rules for Travel Blogging

11 | 13 Financial Travel Tips

Travel blogging might not be entirely simple, but here are 17 simple rules for establishing a travel blog that will make you money.

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Solo Travelers Make Better Bloggers….or Do They?

08 | 04 Life as a full-time traveler

Do solo travelers make better bloggers? Here’s a debate encompassing time management, location independent issues, and digital crack – all food for thought.

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Evolution of the Travel Blogging Industry, and the Third Age of Travel

04 | 10 Featured

Musings on how the travel blogging industry has become viable and sustainable, and how my timing is pretty crappy. Introducing: The Third Age of Travel!

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