the professional hobo

Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About The Professional Hobo (Vlog Ep. 2)

10 | 24 Vlog

In this, my 2nd video podcast (“vlog”), I give you 22 random, fun, and curious facts about The Professional Hobo that you probably didn’t know!

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09 | 25 Video Clips

What is The Professional Hobo all about? Here’s a video of Nora Dunn with the scoop on her last 10 years of full-time travel!

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How I Became the Professional Hobo (Part II: The Logistics)

02 | 09 travel planning

After deciding to leave everything to chase my lifelong dream of travel, I had to walk the talk. Here are the nuts&bolts of how I Became The Professional Hobo.

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How I Became The Professional Hobo (Part I: The Dream, The Decision)

02 | 06 travel planning

Here I bare all: what prompted me to make the life-changing decision to sell everything to travel full-time. Enjoy Part I: about how it all started.

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