Financial Travel Tip # 125: Things Tourists Overpay For

04 | 17 Financial Travel Tips

Here are a few typical things tourists overpay for, and how to avoid becoming the next casualty. Also: how you can design your own lifestyle business.

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How Travel Rewards You For Being Impulsive

11 | 19 Life as a full-time traveler

Here are eight ways you can be impulsive on the road (as well as at home for that matter) to expand your horizons and get the most out of travel (and life):

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Dealing with Parasites: A Guide to Clean Water Around the World

10 | 30 links

After having a few parasite infections, I’m into clean water now. Here’s a guide to clean water around the world, with some tips to stay healthy abroad.

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Cutting Your Losses: Why I’m Losing in Order to Win

10 | 03 Life as a full-time traveler

This is a tale of an ugly insurance claim and its detrimental effects – and why I’m now losing in order to win this case. Also, some awesome travel content.

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Barratio: More than a Flea Market in Cusco, Peru

09 | 15 links

Barratio market in Cusco is much more than a flea market…it’s an experience. Check it out in living colour with these pictures and stories.

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Living Like a Local in Italy

09 | 01 Featured

I was treated to local hospitality and life in Italy for one short and blissful week. Here’s what it looked like.

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The Professional Hobo Practices Spanish…With a Tattoo

05 | 01 links

Here in Peru I’m learning Spanish…slowly. So I decided to pick up the pace, with a tattoo.

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Integration (or Not) in Pisac

04 | 17 links

Unlike other small towns I’ve visited and lived in, there is a lack of integration between locals and foreigners. Read on to find out why this may be.

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The Magic that Brought me to Peru

03 | 17 links

Here’s a little tale of a magical – almost unbelievable – set of circumstances that brought me to magical Peru for three months.

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