Location Independent

Financial Case Study: Dustin Main – Technology Services Entrepreneur, Tour Guide

01 | 23 Financial Case Studies

Dustin Main has been traveling since 2009, while overseeing his technology services company and dabbling in other ventures like being a tour guide. Here’s how he makes ends meet:

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Solo Travelers Make Better Bloggers….or Do They?

08 | 04 Life as a full-time traveler

Do solo travelers make better bloggers? Here’s a debate encompassing time management, location independent issues, and digital crack – all food for thought.

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Financial Travel Tip #93: Overhead Costs for Location Independent Businesses

08 | 17 Financial Travel Tips

Here’s a breakdown of the various overhead costs for location independent businesses (hidden and otherwise) – from necessary, to optional.

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Financial Travel Tip #74 – Managing an Online Business and Volunteering

04 | 06 Financial Travel Tips

If you are simultaneously volunteering and managing your online business, where is the time for travel? Here’s a look at work-life balance on the road.

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Financial Travel Tip #42: Earning Income by Online Tutoring

08 | 18 Financial Travel Tips

If you have an expertise that others want to learn more about (and sometimes even if your don’t), you might have a career in online tutoring.

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Financial Travel Tip #31: Location Independent Career Options

06 | 02 Financial Travel Tips

Having a location independent career frees you up for world travel, family time, rural life, or other lifestyle benefits. Here are some resources to start with!

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Financially Sustainable Travel Part 1: My 2011 Income

03 | 29 Annual Expense & Income Reviews

I travel full-time in a financially sustainable way. I’ve showed you how to live on $17k/year or less on the road; now here’s a look at how I earn that money.

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A Week-In-The-Life of Lea & Jonathan Woodward: Location Independent

08 | 31 Week-In-The-Life Series

Lea and Jonathan Woodward are originally from the UK, and enjoy careers that allow them to be location independent. They tend to spend up to three months in any given destination, and they enjoy renting furnished apartments as opposed to staying on the hostel circuit. Since 2007, they have spent at least a month in […]

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X Marks the Spot: E-Book Review

08 | 24 book reviews

Update June 2014: This e-book has since been replaced with 6 updated ebooklets, that answer specific questions about your desired location independent life for the full meal deal on being location independent. You can check it out here: Location Independent – Live and Work From Anywhere You Choose.    I only recently heard about the buzz […]

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