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How NOT Going to University or Buying a House Saved my Life

10 | 04 book reviews

I am lucky enough to not have a university degree or a house. Here’s why I think it’s the best thing that could ever have happened to me.

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How Responsible is a Leap of Faith?

05 | 14 travel planning

A leap of faith is a scary thing. But is there a right way and wrong way to do it? Here we look at some key ingredients to making a leap of faith – responsibly.

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Financially Sustainable Travel Part 2: Income and Expense Choices

04 | 02 Annual Expense & Income Reviews

After outlining my exact 2011 income, I explain why I choose not to make more money, and how I still manage to live the “high life” on a part-time income!

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Destiny is a Direction

06 | 13 Life as a full-time traveler

What if Destiny is a direction, not a fixed place? And what is Passion isn’t stationary? These questions and more are explored in this post.

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