Costa Rica

Why I Have Nothing to Write About Costa Rica

03 | 30 Costa Rica

It’s not that I didn’t like Costa Rica – in fact, I loved it. But here’s why I have nothing in particular to write about it.

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A Week-in-the-life of Antonio and Amanda, Cycling Costa Rica

02 | 09 Costa Rica

Antonio and Amanda of The Adventure Junkies began traveling by bicycle in January 2013. Here’s a week-in-the-life of these two while cycling in Costa Rica!

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Colombia, Colorado, Costa Rica: The “C” Trip

02 | 02 Colombia

I’m currently in the throes of what I’ve dubbed The “C” Trip, to Colombia, Colorado, and Costa Rica. Here’s how this trip came to pass:

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A Week-In-The-Life of Taylor and Rachel: Spanish Classes in Costa Rica

08 | 30 Week-In-The-Life Series

About 6 months ago, Taylor and Rachel made the decision to leave their big, important corporate jobs in sunny San Francisco and travel for 6-12 months through Central and South America and Europe. They set some loose goals to learn Spanish, play guitar, and give thought to life’s most important questions. For example: Who shot […]

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