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Financially Sustainable Travel: My Cost of Full-Time Travel in 2012

02 | 18 Featured

Behold a detailed breakdown of my cost of full-time travel in 2012. It’s considerably higher than previous years. Here’s why:

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Financial Travel Tip #22: What is a Realistic Travel Budget?

03 | 31 Financial Travel Tips

Can you travel full-time for under $6,000/year? A reader recently asked me that, and here’s my response:

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My Cost of Full-Time Travel in 2011

01 | 23 travel planning

Want to know how much it costs to travel full-time? Read this post to find out exactly how much money I spent in 2011, traversing 13 countries and 73,000kms.

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My Cost of Full-Time Travel in 2010 (less than you may think)

02 | 21 travel planning

In 2010, I set foot in nine different countries and had dozens of varied experiences. (Click here for a video and summary of my 2010 travel adventures). Since I claim to travel in a financially sustainable manner, it’s only fair that I accurately record – and share – my actual cost of travel with you. […]

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Roundup: January 1st-15th

01 | 16 Australia

‘Tis been a quiet few weeks in my neck of the woods…at least in my online neck of the woods. However Kelly & I have been as busy as ever, as we will be moving to some new digs shortly, and leaving Australia for a (very) short stint soon too! This is just a teaser […]

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