Roundup: Booking Flights, Using Mouthwash, and Saving Socks

by Nora on May 2, 2011

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Well, I’ve finally done it; I’ve booked my flights and secured the next leg of my travels! (Glory hallelujah). Although I toyed with dozens of options, asked readers and created polls, nothing ultimately seemed to flow. In the end the most logical decision seemed to be to simply use some of my prolific points to fly (business class, of course!) directly back to Toronto, with a short (12 hour) layover in San Francisco.


My summer plans have yet to fully evolve, but will entail some traveling around Canada (and possibly the States) in addition to reconnecting with family and friends in Toronto. Oh yeah: it’s time for a new passport too.


So we’re nearing the final countdown here in New Zealand; only a month to go (which, after five months, seems like a mere blip on the screen). Please enjoy my latest articles, about the multi-purposeful mouthwash (my new travel-buddy), and what to do when the sock-monster has its way with your wardrobe.





Wise Bread

19 Money-Saving Uses for Mouthwash

Mouthwash can replace an array of specialty household items, and save you lots of money in the process! Check out these creative uses for mouthwash.




Care One

8 Things to Do With Mismatched Socks

Beware of the sock monster. It lives in clothes dryers, under dressers, and behind furniture. And it’s a vindictive monster, because it likes to bereave you of just one sock; it has no desire for pairs. Where does this leave you? With a whole pile of mismatched socks of course (many of which are still in good condition)! Here are eight ways to breathe new life into your mismatched socks, save money, and rekindle the forgotten art of reusing instead of rubbishing things.



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1 Scott - Quirky Travel Guy May 2, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Cool… you can’t go wrong with Canada!


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