Financial Travel Tip #43: Starting a Business You Can Travel With

by Nora on August 25, 2012

Last week we discussed online tutoring as a way to earn money while you travel. This is just one of many ways you can make money on the road – especially if you’re entrepreneurially inclined. Starting a business…is another way.


Even if you’re blessed with some business sense – and especially if you’re not – you might want some help getting your business off the ground, or taking it to the next level.


I started my freelance writing and travel blogging career after I’d already started traveling, and I must admit – I don’t recommend it. I spent the first two years of my full-time travels working very hard for very little income, with no promise that I’d be able to make my travels financially sustainable. But I also had a little cushion of income during that time from the sale of my financial planning practice, so I was still (relatively) financially solid.

Instead of trying to get your travel legs simultaneously to getting a business off the ground, I recommend you give your business a head start before you hit the road.



Do you have a business idea that needs some nurturing? Or are you stuck for ideas and wanting a career and life that you’re passionate about? Then check out the resource below for some inspiration and tips to get you started.

Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Travel




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1 Jason September 16, 2012 at 11:16 am

How about starting a business that allows you to travel from your living room?

Having just started a travelers hostel in Goa, India, we’ve had people from all over the world coming to visit us. Of course it doesnt fall under the category of real travel but its a great way to “start a business you can travel with”


2 theprofessionalhobo September 18, 2012 at 7:41 am

@Jason – Lots of people aspired to location-independent businesses not for the purpose of travel, but to save commuting!
And yes – I helped to manage a hostel in Hawaii for a short time, and in meeting so many people from around the world, it was like traveling – without actually traveling!
How’s the hostel business treating you?


3 Jason September 18, 2012 at 10:40 am

The hostel business is good…happy to unpack my suitcases after 2.5 years. but im sure its just a matter of time before it’ll be time to pack them again. for now, its time to travel without moving 🙂


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