Financial Travel Tip #18: Managing Phone, Mail, and Internet on the Road

by Nora on March 3, 2012

Travel and Finance are two tightly-knit topics; you need money to travel, and to manage various aspects of travel. And the smarter you are with your money, the choices you make, and the infrastructure you build, the longer you can stay on the road.


A reader recently contacted me asking how I manage making and receiving phone calls on the road. She had spent an outrageous amount of money on a SIM card that she could only use for a few days before she moved on to the next destination, she was looking for an inexpensive way to stay connected to the internet, and she was frustrated with her friends and family who didn’t have Skype (which enables free computer-to-computer calls).


I told her I only usually buy SIM cards when I’m staying somewhere for a few months, or have access to a plan that has value once I’ve left the country in question (with inexpensive international SMSs, for example).


I also like to charge up my Skype account for cheap computer-to-land-line phone calls, and there are some other voip options that are even cheaper or free (depending on where you are).


But phone calls are just the tip of the iceberg; what about receiving mail? What does a nomad put down as a “permanent address”?

And then there’s internet access; with an increasingly online world, it’s important to have cheap access to a secure internet connection, especially if you do business or need to manage your affairs from the road.


Here’s an article with some resources and strategies for managing your life and work while traveling the world.


Managing Life & Work While Traveling: Phone, Mail, Internet



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