Financial Travel Tip #15: Official Documents, and Preparing for Travel

by Nora on February 11, 2012

Along the lines of preparing ourselves for travel with things like travel insurance and life insurance, it’s important to have your official documents in order before you start traveling. This is especially important if you are traveling long-term or full-time.


There are a number of things you can do to prepare, and safeguards you can set in place in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly while you travel – even if everything isn’t going smoothly!


For example, designate a representative at home who can be your go-to person. This person should be a friend or family member who has all your information at hand (banking, insurance policies, copies of passports, etc), so that if you find yourself in a bind, a simple phone call to them can start the wheels in motion of getting you out of your pickle.


Lost your passport – and even your copies of it (because you do travel with copies of your passport, right)? No worries. Your designated representative can help you get sorted. Landed in the hospital and don’t have the capacity to call the travel insurance company to let them know? No problemo. A quick call to your representative and they can advocate for you.


Here’s an article that discusses which documents to travel with and where to keep them, the process of designating a representative at home and what to give them, and lots more.


Preparing for Travel Abroad: Gathering and Traveling with Official Documents




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