Financial Travel Tip #110: Almost-Free Campervan Relocation with DriveNow

by Nora on March 15, 2014


Looking for a cheap road trip in Australia or New Zealand? Now you can relocate a campervan with DriveNow.

Car sharing, ride sharing, and vehicle delivery/relocation services are a great way to save money on road trips; and repositioning cruises to get across the ocean in style for a fraction of the price of a full cruise are examples of creative travel hacks that allow you to enjoy highly discounted travel experiences.


Campervan Relocation with DriveNow – The Basics

Lots of people rent campervans for point-to-point road trips. Thus rental companies can end up with a glut of campervans in exactly the wrong places to satisfy their upcoming reservations. And if your road trip itinerary matches their relocation needs, you can rent a campervan for about $5/day – and your fuel will be covered.

You’ll get about 2-3 weeks of lead time of available campervans, so be prepared to plan a last-minute trip. Check out this page for a list of current available relocations for an idea.


Each listing gives a minimum and maximum number of days you can use to relocate the campervan. The minimum days are charged at $5/day, and additional days cost $75/day.


Although you don’t get free mileage, DriveNow gives you an allowance to get to where you need to go plus a 550km bonus. (Additional kilometres aren’t cheap, so plan your road trip carefully).


In addition to cheap rental rates (for the minimum day allowance) and a kilometre allowance, you’ll also get a fuel allowance – which, when it comes to filling up a campervan, can be a substantial savings.



I took a campervan around Australia for six weeks in 2008, and ironically found it was one of the most expensive “budget” travel adventures I had. Here are some tips to get better value out of your own campervan holiday in Australia or New Zealand, which, in combination with a campervan relocation deal from DriveNow, could be a very good deal indeed.



Other Car/Campervan Relocation Services

Transfer Car runs rental car and campervan relocation services in Australia,  New Zealand, and is getting started in the USA.




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1 Luke March 16, 2014 at 6:52 am

Great article especially the link to the tips on renting a van, as you pointed out renting a van can be very expensive that’s why we have catered for a market who wish to buy and save over the longer term for those travelling for a longer period of time.


2 The Guy March 16, 2014 at 5:49 pm

This sounds very interesting. I’ve always wanted to do a campervan holiday but making one in Australia is probably a long term goal of mine.

I’ve often heard of car rental places having this sort of set up so it is great to hear campervan companies do it too. This would be a lot more fun.


3 Nora Dunn March 17, 2014 at 11:19 am

The Guy – DriveNow also does relocations in New Zealand; when you’re down under you may as well do both! I’ve never done any kind of relocation service, but I’ve always kept in mind for a road trip in Canada.


4 Sofie April 17, 2014 at 7:25 am

I’ve heard about this for cars, bubt not vans. Seems like a good deal!


5 Nora Dunn April 17, 2014 at 8:43 am

Sofie – I’d heard about it for cars as well….I’m liking the idea for campervans!


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