Hollywood Florida: My (Kind of) Home Base

06 | 19 Florida

Here are some of the reasons why Hollywood Florida is my (kind of) home base, and what you can expect if you come visit Hollywood yourself.

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Anatomie Travel Clothing Made Me Throw Out My Jeans

08 | 01 Featured

Anatomie travel clothing has long been my favourite stuff for full-time travel. Here’s what I learned after visiting their headquarters in Miami:

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Hobo Update: Relearning Travel’s Inherent Lessons

07 | 18 Florida

Even though I’ve been traveling almost 10 years, my departure from Peru required that I relearn some of travel’s inherent lessons. Here’s what I’m doing.

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7 Countries and 34,000 Miles: This Was 2014!

12 | 23 Canada

In 2014 I traveled through/lived in 7 countries, and traversed over 34,000 miles. Here’s a summary of what I did, and where.

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Florida Keys Stories Through Photos

07 | 21 Featured

Here are a bunch of photos (and a thousand or so words) to describe the feeling and stories behind the Florida Keys.

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Why People Visit the Florida Keys, and Never Leave

07 | 07 Featured

I met many people in the Florida Keys who were born elsewhere, but now call them home. Here’s why, and the magnetic appeal of the Florida Keys & Key West.

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Dear Florida: What is it About You?

07 | 02 Featured

Find out why Florida is the most consistent place I’ve visited in all of my full-time travels, and why I’m going back just now.

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