A Week-In-The-Life of Matt, Teaching English in Taiwan

06 | 01 Taiwan

Here’s a taste of the “daily grind” of teaching English in Taiwan, as written by full-time traveler Matt from A Boundless Environment.

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SteriPEN: Clean Water in Asia, and Not From a Bottle!

06 | 10 Singapore

Living ecologically sustainably in Hawaii really changed us for the better. We think twice about everything we do now, from turning off the water while we lather up in the shower, to choosing what we buy carefully to reduce packaging and waste. And on our way to Asia, we were very concerned about the fact […]

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Learning English in Taiwan

05 | 02 Taiwan

You can learn so very much by turning on the television in foreign countries. Just like reading the newspapers (except possibly a little less intellectually stimulating), watching television can be a window into foreign culture and part of the “authentic” experience. Depending on the country you are visiting, the television programming may be more or […]

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