Why I Have Nothing to Write About Costa Rica

03 | 30 Costa Rica

It’s not that I didn’t like Costa Rica – in fact, I loved it. But here’s why I have nothing in particular to write about it.

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Financial Travel Tip #124: Saving for Retirement While Traveling

03 | 16 Financial Travel Tips

Readers often ask how (or if) I save for retirement while traveling full-time, especially with a varying income. Here’s what I do, and how I do it:

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A Curious Bubble in Boulder, Colorado

03 | 02 links

Boulder Colorado is an interesting place that begs to be poked fun at in some ways, honoured in other ways, and criticized in other ways. Here’s my take:

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Letters From Colombia: The Safety, The Food, The Life

02 | 16 Colombia

Learn about Colombia through two weeks of letters written back and forth with my Dad, who was initially none to thrilled at my choice of destination.

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The Day My Purse Was Stolen, and Lessons Learned

12 | 18 Featured

In Cusco, my purse was stolen, with everything in it. Here’s what happened, what I gained from being prepared, and what mistakes I made along the way.

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Eight Years of Full-Time Travel: Life is a Journey. Live It.

12 | 04 Life as a full-time traveler

After eight years of full-time travel, I’ve realized that life is a journey, and the journey is the destination. Click through for some big news too!

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How Travel Rewards You For Being Impulsive

11 | 19 Life as a full-time traveler

Here are eight ways you can be impulsive on the road (as well as at home for that matter) to expand your horizons and get the most out of travel (and life):

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Dealing with Parasites: A Guide to Clean Water Around the World

10 | 30 links

After having a few parasite infections, I’m into clean water now. Here’s a guide to clean water around the world, with some tips to stay healthy abroad.

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Canon Travel Camera Giveaway

10 | 16 links

Here’s a nifty little Canon travel camera giveaway so you can take some awesome snaps while seeing your corner of the world!

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