Integration (or Not) in Pisac

04 | 17 links

Unlike other small towns I’ve visited and lived in, there is a lack of integration between locals and foreigners. Read on to find out why this may be.

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A Digital Detox in the Peruvian Andes

03 | 31 Life as a full-time traveler

I just did a 5-day digital detox in the Peruvian Andes. Although there was no better setting for it, it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

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The Magic that Brought me to Peru

03 | 17 links

Here’s a little tale of a magical – almost unbelievable – set of circumstances that brought me to magical Peru for three months.

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Shivering? In Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

03 | 03 links

Here’s why Santa Rosa Beach is the most consistent place I’ve visited, some photos and related stories, and some travel tips you don’t want to miss.

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A Tale (and Pics) of Serendipity in Gulfport, Florida

02 | 17 Life as a full-time traveler

Here’s a tale of how I happened upon Gulfport Florida through serendipity, and fell in love on arrival. Enjoy these varied pictures of this colourful place.

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Goodbye Panama, Hello Florida

01 | 16 links

I’ve left Panama’s shores, and am (re)gracing Florida’s shores. Goodbye Panama, Hello Florida! Plus some important links.

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Turning Around the Worst Year Ever with Pickles and Penguins

01 | 02 Featured

2013 was the worst year ever for me. Here’s why, and how I’m turning it around with pickles and penguins.

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The #1 Reason Why I Love Slow Travel

12 | 19 Life as a full-time traveler

In the last month of being in Panama, I realized why I love slow travel so much. It’s a unique travel benefit; and one that’s very rewarding.

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Landing in Panama, and Enjoying the Breeze

11 | 29 links

I finally made it to Panama after my passport fiasco, and it’s lovely. Here are some initial observations, and some recommended reading.

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