Barratio: More than a Flea Market in Cusco, Peru

09 | 15 links

Barratio market in Cusco is much more than a flea market…it’s an experience. Check it out in living colour with these pictures and stories.

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Living Like a Local in Italy

09 | 01 Featured

I was treated to local hospitality and life in Italy for one short and blissful week. Here’s what it looked like.

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I’m Just Popping Over to Europe for a Visit

08 | 19 links

Here’s why “popping” isn’t usually in my vocabulary, and how I’m trying out some new moves by “popping” over to Europe.

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How Tourists Cripple Local Economies

07 | 31 Featured

It’s done with the best intentions, but can have the most catastrophic outcomes. Here’s how tourists cripple local economies, and how to avoid it happening.

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Muskoka, Ontario: A Lifetime of Memories in Cottage Country

07 | 17 Canada

Some pictures and stories of my visit to Muskoka Ontario and the lifetime of memories it holds for me. Included: a shot of me 12 years ago on a sportbike!

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Maras Salt Mines in Peru – Unlike any Other Mine You’ll See

06 | 19 links

When a friend suggested I visit Maras salt mines in Peru, I cringed. But as I discovered, these are unlike any “mines” you could imagine.

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Inca Ruins of Moray: Agricultural Lab or Landing Pad? You Decide.

05 | 29 links

The Inca ruins of Moray could have been an ancient agricultural lab, a place for festivals, or an extra-terrestrial landing pad. What do you think?

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Kinsa Cocha: Stunning Pictures of High Andean Lakes

05 | 16 links

Kinsa Cocha is tucked away high in the Peruvian Andes; we hiked a series of three lakes above 4,500 metres – here are the stunning pictures.

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The Professional Hobo Practices Spanish…With a Tattoo

05 | 01 links

Here in Peru I’m learning Spanish…slowly. So I decided to pick up the pace, with a tattoo.

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