Life as a full-time traveler

The #1 Misconception About House-Sitters and Lifestyle Travelers

03 | 13 Life as a full-time traveler

After two offensive conversations with well-meaning people, I realized there is a BIG misconception about house-sitters and lifestyle travelers. Here it is:

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My 2016 Full-Time Travel Expenses

01 | 16 Annual Expense & Income Reviews

For the 7th year in a row, I’m publishing my full-time travel expenses! Here’s an uncensored breakdown of every penny I spent in 2016, traveling full-time.

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5 Countries and 30,000 Miles: This Was 2016!

01 | 02 Canada

2016 started off in one way, turned left, got flipped upside down, then messed up in the blender. Here’s how it all came out in the end:

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Travel Packing: How (and What) to Pack for Full-Time Travel (Vlog Ep. 3)

11 | 21 Featured

In this vlog, I show you what I pack for full-time travel – and how I pack it. Learn travel packing tips and techniques, and watch me cram it all in my bag!

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How to Start a Travel Blog (aka Learn From My Mistakes)

10 | 10 Life as a full-time traveler

Here’s everything you need to know – step by step – to start a travel blog, and simultaneously to learn from my mistakes so you can do it the right way!

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6 Location Independent Career Myths

08 | 29 Life as a full-time traveler

Having a location independent career is liberating beyond measure. But, there are some restrictions and misconceptions about this way of life. Check it out:

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Hobo Update: Relearning Travel’s Inherent Lessons

07 | 18 Florida

Even though I’ve been traveling almost 10 years, my departure from Peru required that I relearn some of travel’s inherent lessons. Here’s what I’m doing.

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Apprenticeship Update: BIG Changes for The Professional Hobo

06 | 06 Featured

At long last, here is an apprenticeship update about my work with a shaman in Peru. Unfortunately, it’s not pretty. Big changes coming my way….

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Coffee Drinking Rituals Around the World

05 | 23 Life as a full-time traveler

Who knew that the simple brew of coffee could be enjoyed in so many different ways around the world? Read on to find out how to drink coffee like an expert!

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