Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo Japan (Vlog Ep. 12)

07 | 20 Japan

Find out why Tsukiji Fish Market is a must-see Tokyo destination, and learn the best way to do it. Then, watch me stroll the market in this week’s vlog!

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Intercultural Love in Japan

07 | 17 Japan

I’ve been looking at intercultural love in Japan; how relationships are formed, and what keeps them together…or not. It’s very different for men vs women.

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Life in Japan (Vlog Ep. 11)

07 | 13 Japan

Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, I met up with a friend who lives here and turned on the camera so he could tell me what life in Japan is really like.

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Old World Tokyo, in Harmonica Alley (Vlog Ep. 10)

07 | 06 Japan

Harmonica Alley in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo is combines old-world Japan with a modern cosmopolitain feel. Well worth a visit! Here’s more info and video.

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Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo – Jumping Into the Deep End (VLOG Ep. 8)

06 | 22 Japan

Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, I jumped into the deep end by visiting Shibuya crossing: the world’s busiest intersection and an iconic Tokyo experience.

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Japan…or at Least the Airport

05 | 01 Japan

Sadly, on this trip our exposure to Japan was limited to the Tokyo airport. But we milked everything we could out of the experience, as you may have guessed. As we got of the plane (a welcome stretch of the legs after over eight hours in less-than-comfortable seats), we made a beeline for something; anything. […]

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