Living Like a Local in Italy

09 | 01 Featured

I was treated to local hospitality and life in Italy for one short and blissful week. Here’s what it looked like.

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Awesome Travel Gear, Gizmos, and Services (2014 Edition)

08 | 14 Featured

There’s a huge variety of travel gear, gizmos, and services that make life on the road easier, more secure, and generally awesome. Here is my 2014 roundup.

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How Tourists Cripple Local Economies

07 | 31 Featured

It’s done with the best intentions, but can have the most catastrophic outcomes. Here’s how tourists cripple local economies, and how to avoid it happening.

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Florida Keys Stories Through Photos

07 | 21 Featured

Here are a bunch of photos (and a thousand or so words) to describe the feeling and stories behind the Florida Keys.

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Muskoka, Ontario: A Lifetime of Memories in Cottage Country

07 | 17 Canada

Some pictures and stories of my visit to Muskoka Ontario and the lifetime of memories it holds for me. Included: a shot of me 12 years ago on a sportbike!

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Why People Visit the Florida Keys, and Never Leave

07 | 07 Featured

I met many people in the Florida Keys who were born elsewhere, but now call them home. Here’s why, and the magnetic appeal of the Florida Keys & Key West.

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Dear Florida: What is it About You?

07 | 02 Featured

Find out why Florida is the most consistent place I’ve visited in all of my full-time travels, and why I’m going back just now.

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Trekking to Lares Hot Springs in Peru

06 | 09 Featured

With a 1,300 meter ascent, a 1,500 metre descent, and a pass at 4,700 meters (15,400+ feet), soaking in Peru’s Lares hot springs was the ultimate reward.

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Best Luggage for Long-Term Travel: Backpacks vs Rolling Luggage

05 | 26 Featured

Best luggage for long-term travel: Here’s why I use rolling luggage now, with criteria for when you should choose backpacks, rolling luggage, or a hybrid.

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