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I’m Giving Away 1 Million Club Carlson Points. Want Some?

12 | 05 Club Carlson Global Travelers

I’ve got 1 million Club Carlson Gold Points® to give away, right now, plus a bonus discount on my new book. Check it out!

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8 Countries, 3 Weeks, and 2 Hours’ Sleep, with #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 19 Club Carlson Global Travelers

Here’s the summary of my epic European 8 country, 3 week Global Travelers adventure.

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Love in Corsica, with #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 16 Club Carlson Global Travelers

I must return to Corsica, but not for all the lovely reasons I list here. It was simply love at first arrival.

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24 Hours in Kiev, with #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 14 Club Carlson Global Travelers

With only 24 hours, Kiev was a push….but I think you’ll agree I did a pretty good job! Please enjoy this cultural and culinary post and video.

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Big Bad Berlin, in Two Days With #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 11 Club Carlson Global Travelers

There’s no way you can “do Berlin” in two days. But I did the best I could; here are some of the highlights, along with another quirky 1 Minute video!

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Copenhagen: A Modern-Day Fairy Tale #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 08 Club Carlson Global Travelers

Copenhagen in like a modern-day fairy tale. Here’s why, with some interesting facts, a quirky video, and lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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Travel’s Lessons and Surprises: Oslo #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 05 Club Carlson Global Travelers

Travel brings about lessons; lessons you can’t anticipate, and ones that you rarely sign up for. This is what happened to me in Oslo.

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Dear Amsterdam: I Should Have Known. #GlobalTravelerNora

10 | 03 Club Carlson Global Travelers

Dear Amsterdam: I should have known you’d work your charms on me. Despite my best efforts, you got me – hook, line, and sinker.

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My Weekend in Glasgow #GlobalTravelerNora

09 | 30 Club Carlson Global Travelers

It was a perfectly sunny weekend in Glasgow, with a side of touristy and a dose of good humour. Check out my action-packed 1-Minute Glasgow video!

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