There’s a Huntsman in my Car! (VLOG Ep. 7)

04 | 24 Australia

In this month’s vlog, I share a story about the huntsman in my car. It’s part comedy, part horror flick, and part metaphysical drama. Have a look!

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18 of the World’s Fastest, Highest, Longest (etc) Things to Do

03 | 14 Australia

Here are 18 of the world’s fastest, highest, longest, deepest, happiest, smelliest, most dangerous – and more – things I’ve done:

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Financial Travel Tip #110: Almost-Free Campervan Relocation with DriveNow

03 | 15 Australia

If you’re planning a road trip in Australia or New Zealand, subsidize it by doing a campervan relocation with DriveNow, for $5/day, fuel included!

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A Week-In-The-Life of Steven Sirski: Farm Hand in Australia

11 | 18 Australia

Steven Sirski has spent 4.5 years working and travelling around the world. Here’s a week-in-the-life of Steven in Australia, working as a farm hand.

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A Week-In-The-Life of Charli and Ben: Transporting a Yacht in Australia

06 | 17 Australia

Here’s a week-in-the-life of Charli and Ben of Wanderlusters, transporting an Australian yacht, and then serendipitously a 4×4 deep in the outback.

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Taking the Indian Pacific Train Across Australia: PART SIX

02 | 10 Australia

This is the last installment of my mammoth series about the Indian Pacific train, which is part of an 11,000km train journey I took across Australia – and back again. My mission: to see if spending eight days on a train could inspire boredom. So far, no luck. Let’s see what the last two days […]

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Taking the Indian Pacific Train Across Australia: PART FIVE

02 | 07 Australia

What a journey so far! I’m two/thirds of the way through my 11,000 km Indian Pacific train journey across Australia and back. After four nights on a train (with a night in Perth nestled in there), I’m still three days away from Sydney. And to my surprise, I’m still not bored. DAY SIX In the […]

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Taking the Indian Pacific Train Across Australia: PART FOUR

01 | 27 Australia

So far in my 11,000km train journey across Australia and back, I’ve been aboard the Indian Pacific for three nights since getting on in Sydney. We’ve stopped in Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook, and Kalgoorlie. Today, I arrive at my halfway point and destination of sorts: Perth.   DAY FOUR I awake earlier than 6:30am, preferring […]

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Perth in 24 Hours

01 | 20 Australia

I had but a mere 24 hours (26 to be exact) to enjoy Perth, between getting off the Indian Pacific train from Sydney, and getting right back on it the following day to return to my point of origin. “Why aren’t you staying in Perth for longer?” was a question I often fielded in describing […]

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