Roundup: Singing, Selling Your Crap and Budgeting For Gifts

by Nora Dunn on February 17, 2011

jumping for joy

The summer weather in Coromandel New Zealand during the first half of February has been brilliant; warm and sunny, with dazzlingly starry nights. I’ve had the chance to go for lots of bushwalks, explore the Coromandel area, and enjoy numerous engaging conversations with people from all over the world here at Mana Retreat.

I’ve also made a few trips to Auckland to do some promotional work for Mana, as well as to perform some new collaborative songs with Cybiont. As much as I love nature and rural living, I’ve also adored getting back into the “urban artsy scene” and mingling with other artistic people. My own creative talents around singing have grown substantially as a result.

In the last few weeks, I’ve published a few useful articles about selling your crap (it’s worth doing – trust me!), and not letting miscellaneous gift purchases throw your budget out of whack. Don’t forget to have a listen to Cybiont’s latest song with me: Whau/Let Go. We’ve recorded two more songs since this one (each one very different from one another); stay tuned!

Wise Bread

How to Sell Your Crap: A Book Review and Tips

Do you want to sell your extra crap? Although it’s daunting, it’s also cathartic, and worth the effort. Not sure where to start? Here’s how you can get some help doing it too.

Care One

Gift Calendars: How to Remember Special Occasions and Stay on Budget

Here’s a technique to help you plan and save for all special occasions, taking into account some of the extra expenses you bear around these times that might be throwing your budget off-track. (An added benefit: you won’t likely forget special occasions any more either).

Profiles & Shout-Outs

Powers Percussion recently asked me what “home” means as a location independent entrepreneur. The timing of this question was very interesting, given my four years abroad, some major life changes in the last year, and an ever-evolving definition of what “home” means to me in an attempt to avoid clichés. Here’s what I had to say about it all….and I keep company with 16 other poignant responses.

17 Location Independent Entrepreneurs Define Home

And Cybiont and I have been at it again, recording (and even performing live in Auckland!) some new music. Here’s the latest:

Whau/Let go by cybiont

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