Roundup: August 1st-15th

by Nora Dunn on August 15, 2009

My visit to Toronto has continued to be busy but rewarding. In addition to my recent appearance on Canada AM, I am continuing to publish a few articles here and there:


Permanent Home Swap: Solution to a Volatile Real Estate Market

Let’s say the real estate markets are down. You want or need to sell your home, but buyers won’t pay what it is worth (or even enough to leave you with a zero balance). And if you have already purchased your new home, you may have to insist on a sale price that the market won’t bear, or settle for a sale price that leaves you further in the red. There is an alternative…a Permanent Home Swap.

Saving for Retirement (and Other Long-Term Goals) on a Variable Income

A variable income coupled with fixed expenses is tricky to manage. In this article you will find a five-step strategy that allows you to save effectively for retirement, take advantage of automatic savings and dollar cost averaging, all the while not over-taxing your bank account on lower-income months.

Household Cleaning Hacks that Save You Money

Here is an assortment of ways to get more bang for your cleaning buck and efforts. From making your own cleaning solutions, to ensuring your appliances are working optimally, most of these techniques below can be used with what you already have on hand. Why not give them a try?


The Motivation for Long-Term Travel

In this article, I interview six fellow long-term travelers about what motivates them to travel, how they travel, and what their lives on the road are like. As you’ll see from their diverse backgrounds and travel styles, there is something for everybody out there in this big and inspirational world of ours.


To Payroll or Not: Hiring Contract vs Salary Employees

This comprehensive article discusses the pros and cons of hiring contract versus salary employees from both the employer and employee perspectives.

Where is the Business Going? Succession Planning Points for Consideration

When I was a practicing financial planner, I was shocked at the number of small business clients who did nothing but blink their eyes in response to my line of questions about their business succession plan.

These are people who poured years of blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses, making it a corner piece in their lives. With so much invested, they had little to no thought towards how the business would evolve with them.

Here are some points for consideration in developing your own business succession plan.

Accounts Receivable Nightmares: Collecting on Delinquent Accounts

As a business owner, balancing the administrative tasks (including invoicing and collecting money from customers) with doing the billable work in question can be a delicate balancing act. Here are some tangible ways to collect on delinquent accounts without damaging the customer relationship.


A Guide to Packing Light for Flashpackers

I wrote this guest post for fellow traveler Brian at No Debt World Travel. It details how I managed to travel to North America for 6 weeks from Australia with nothing more than carry-on baggage. Check it out!

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A Wannabe Travelwriter August 27, 2009 at 3:51 am

I–along with the Rick Steves’ philosophy–am with you when it comes to no check-in luggage.

Even though I am too old to be a “Flashpacker” (flashing back in my day required even less clothing than you are packing), my wife and I travel to Europe for weeks and weeks with only our carry-on bags.

We are going to Spain next month and I will test-drive that new magic underwear that the ads claim you can wear for six weeks. Hmmm…better stay away from certain foods.

With all the electronics and associated wires and chargers I pack I am always amazed when I DON’T get added scrutiny.

I did have a recent battle with almost the entire TSA staff in Phoenix, when I returned from a month-long sailing trip to Mexico, over my CO2 cartridges in my PFD (life jacket). The cartridges are expressly and specifically allowed in the TSA manual, which I finally convinced them of. Geesh!

Keep up the great posts!


theprofessionalhobo August 31, 2009 at 9:55 am

Don’t ya just love battling it out over regulatory matters?!?! I find customs people the most fun to work with…don’t you? (smiles)
Although on my return trip home, my bags fest especially heavy as I schlepped them around various airports during long layovers, I was one of the first out and through customs on the other side….and that just about made it all worthwhile.


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