Roundup: May 1st-15th

by Nora Dunn on May 15, 2009

img_2970_1With only three sleeps until my book is available to the masses, I have been a busy girl. Highlights include pitches to Oprah, and writing some articles that will share some big secrets and be read by big people (figuratively speaking, of course).

Keep your eyes on this Site on Monday May 18th for some news about how to order this new money-saving book (10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget), which has already reached #1 on Amazon’s Budgeting and Money Management section!

In the meantime, please enjoy the last two weeks of writing and internet activity in my life.


Budgeting Hack: Gift Calendars

There is no quicker way to derail a decent budget than having to buy unexpected gifts. Learn how to make your own Gift Calendar so you can steer clear of the cash crunch, organize your life, and avoid embarrassment if you are the forgetful type.

How to Recycle your Shoes, Clothes, Electronics, and More

We have so much stuff. Clothes that don’t fit (either our bodies or the current fashion) any more. Cell phones that don’t work any more. Batteries that won’t charge any more. Shoes that have holes in them. The list goes on.

We don’t want to throw this old stuff away; some of it might even still be good – just not to us. Other items are too harmful to the environment to chuck in the waste bin. We would like to reuse some of it, but cannot figure out how it can reasonably be used (I mean, truly – what do you do with an old smelly running shoe).

The solution? Find other people who can use what you don’t need any more. By giving it away, you can breathe new life into your old stuff.Here are some places you can donate those hard-to-dispose-of things you probably have lying around.

Save Money by Rekindling the Art of Reusing Your Stuff

Long before overflowing landfills were an issue, our forefathers were masters at the age-old art of reusing. Ingenious and creative, their ways of putting old things to new uses were practical and well and truly frugal. We could all stand to learn some lessons from them and rekindle the art of reusing by breathing new life into old stuff.


Through the hard work of the brilliant minds behind Wise Bread, I have landed a gig writing for American Express’s Open Forum! I am keeping company with the likes of Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, and other hard-hitting writers, so it is a claim to fame, to be sure. Here is my first of a series to be published with Amex:

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid in Running your Small Business

The title speaks for itself, so instead of giving you an intro, I’ll ask you to visit the site and check it out. If you remotely like it, please click the “yes” (it was useful) button at the top! (please)?


Where and How to (or not to) Eat in Thailand

As a trip down memory lane, I detail in this article some of the ways and places we ate while spending six weeks in Thailand. Good for a chuckle, especially when I start talking about pig ass and various unidentifiable meats.

How to Get the Best Seat on the Plane

You just booked your plane tickets. You figured you were smart in reserving a seat by the emergency exit – renowned to have extra leg room. But you discover – only too late – that on this particular plane, the emergency exits are the worst seats. How do you figure this out in advance? Check out the article!


After writing a piece on this online financial planning company, the friendly folks asked me if I would like to comment on Financial Literacy in honour of Financial Literacy Day and their upcoming trip to Capitol Hill to promote financial literacy. And you know me – I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Here is what I had to say, in the company of some other well-known online personal finance gurus:


Prepared LDS Family linked back to my Victorian Bush Fires chronicles as part of a collection to read about disaster preparedness. Thank you!

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