Roundup: March 1st-15th

by Nora Dunn on March 15, 2009

img_2960_1As I get my writing routine back on track, I have managed to churn out a few pearls of wisdom for Wise Bread, in addition to a few others that will appear in print shortly. Enjoy!


Hands in Your Pocket: The Cost of Standby Power – Environmental and Otherwise

Go check your electricity meter box. Is the wheel turning and clicking over, recording your power usage? Probably. Now go back inside, and turn everything off. The lights, the coffee maker – even the fridge – and check your meter again. Is it still turning and clicking? It probably is, if even a little bit.

You are a victim (and wanton consumer) of standby power. And you are paying dearly for it, in more ways than one.

Where Did Your iPod Come From? The Story of Stuff

  • Do you know the difference between planned and perceived obsolescence?
  • Do you know why high heels are fashionable with chunky heels one year, and thin heels the next year?
  • Why is breast milk the “food” highest in toxic contaminants?
  • And do you know why in the wake of September 11th, George Bush told us all to go shopping?

These questions and many, many others are answered in The Story of Stuff, a 20-minute documentary about the life cycle of products and services, explaining everything about…well…stuff.

A Money Resource Book: The Finish Rich Dictionary

David Bach’s latest book is a go-to resource that will keep you coming back for pearls of financial wisdom.

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