Roundup: October 16-31st

by Nora Dunn on October 28, 2008

Another busy few weeks, with some new venues for my writing as well! please enjoy.


6 Myths About Real Estate

When stock markets go down, people tend to thank their lucky stars they own real estate, and others yet rush to the real estate market as a safe haven. But real estate isn’t always what it is cracked up to be either. Here are six common myths about owning real estate.

Asset Allocation for All Markets

Achieving the right asset allocation can be like groping around in the dark (and not in a fun kind of way!) if you don’t know where to begin. This article will help you to determine the proper asset allocation for your money.

Sexually Transmitted Debt: Eewww!

You can contract more than just disease by sleeping with the wrong person…watch out for sexually transmitted debt, which can creep into your sex life while you remain blissfully unaware. Your doctor won’t pick up on it; there is no blood test for this one. Your bank book and credit score though: they will bear the brunt of this contagious and insidious plague.

Post Divorce Finances: 7 Steps to Rebuilding Your Financial House

Severing a conjoined life and combined finances as a result of divorce is painful through and through. The jump to a single income lifestyle paves the way to feeling the cash crunch, and if children are involved it is even more pronounced. Even if the breakup is liberating, there is still some mopping up to do after the storm. Here are seven things you can do to set your new life up on the right foot.


Practical Guide to Vagabonding and Long Term Travel – Part 5: Making Money On the Road

As you can tell from the series so far with taking the leap, determining how much money you need, the nitty-gritty of getting ready, and getting all your gear together, there’s lots to this whole Professional Hobo thing. Here’s how you can keep the trip going by making some dough along the way.

Practical Guide to Vagabonding and Long Term Travel – Part 6: The Cost of Living on the Road

You’ve got all the links to the previous parts above, so enjoy this last installment in the series. With all these tools, you too can join the ranks of being a Vagabond (or Professional Hobo) like me! Maybe I’ll see you on the road soon…


Caretaking Jobs Abroad: Some Creative Ways to Travel the World Long-Term

Transitions Abroad is another new notch on the writing post, and one I’m incredibly proud of, as they are an incredibly reputable source for travel information. Look Ma: I’m a real traveler now!

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Aaron F. November 16, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Hi Nora,

In your “Making Money on the Road” article, you mention a book you came across that describes setting up five money-making websites in 20 weeks. Can you say what the book is, and whether you recommend it?

(Also, thanks for the shout-out as the legal vagabond-to-be!)


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