Roundup: April 30th

by Nora Dunn on May 1, 2008

I’m not even sure it’s April 30th any more…I think it’s May here in Bangkok, but I’ve just overcome an incredible time difference including date line crossings and multiple flights. So…hello from tomorrow! Having found an internet cafe with laptop hookups, I got a chance to upload a few posts.

In preparation for my jet-setting over the next few weeks, I cranked out a number of articles which got published. Who knows what I’ll be able to publish in the coming months…stay tuned!


How & Why Do You See The World?

This is an exploration into the different motivations for travel. Do you travel to see markets, natural wonders, museums, or do language studies?

How Busy Should Your Trip Be?

So we determined how and why you like to travel….now it’s time to figure out how much you can pack into your trip without being too busy.

4 Guidebook Alternatives for the Frugal Traveler

This is an article about some internet resources you may not have considered to get the inside scoop on where you are going for a fraction of the cost – wait a minute…there is no cost! So far there are also some great suggestions in the comments section following the article…lots of resources indeed!

Wise Bread

Getting Around the Guidebook: Techniques for Researching Your Trip Without Spending a Fortune

The beauty of writing is that sometimes you can write the same article but with a different slant for a different audience. See any similarities between this one and the one I wrote for Vagabondish? Hmm…

Six Tips to Good Business Management

No matter what the business is or the size of the enterprise, these are simple yet often overlooked principles to good business management.

2012 Is Coming: What Are You Doing About It?

If you didn’t already hear, the world may come to an end in just over four years. The question is: how are you living your life accordingly – whether or not you believe the prophecies?

The Dichotomy of Media Messages

After watching two rampantly opposing television shows aired back to back, I began to wonder what television programmers are thinking…

Looking For Answers? Here’s Your Key…

Are you looking for the “aha” moment in your life, looking for that key to lead you to a happier existence? Here’s a short and easy exercise to get you on track.

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